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Experiments in Live Performance

The first demonstrationconsisted of two actors performing as they would in any theatre production without any type of captioning.

Actors: Haley McGee & Carlyn Burchell | Technical Direction: Dimple Vallabh | Camera Work: Lisa Tam | Concept by: Jonathan Aitken & Sheldon Rosen

The same script was presented to the audience, as a hard of hearing person would experience with the actors whispering their lines inaudibly.

Developing on the previous experiment the actors were then accompanied by standard television captioning, to further convey the hard of hearing and deaf experience.

In this clip the actors continued to speak inaudibly, and were accompanied by kinetic typography displayed on screens behind them. The use of kinetic typography over standard captioning allowed the audience to recieve emotional and visual information absent from standard captioning.

In this demonstration both actors and kinetic typography matched emotionally to bring the spoken dialog to life.

A new script was presented with both actors accompanied by kinetic typography projected behind them.

One actor was removed from the presentation, leaving a single actor to interact with the typographic actor on screen. The typographic actor was accompanied by a pre-recorded audio track.

The audio track for the typographic actor was removed, leaving the actor respond to the silent screen.