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COMD 319 Spring 2012


Course Outline


Project 1 Assignment


Project 2 Assignment


Project 3 Assignment


Project 4 Assignment (to come)!

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ePoetry Links

Roman Cortes


love letters

War of the Worlds


After Effects Help Guide (pdf at top right corner)

working with vector files

Adobe After Effects on line Tutorials

video co-pilot

Class notes, general intro

Class notes, ease

Class Notes, 3-D effects

Class Notes, Jan 27, 2012

tutorial link for raining text

pre-comp tutorial 1

pre-comp tutorial 2: see page 52 in the manual

parent/child relationships: see page 130 in the manual


Type In Motion Project

Project Context

Kinetic typography is being increasingly used to add meaning and impact to static text. Examples include poetry, film and video titles, music videos, books. But it’s not always used well. Youtube is full of badly animated songs where text flies in from one side, then turns 90 degrees and more words fly in. The motion in no way connects to the meaning. Here are some bad examples:


But increasingly, designers are turning to motion to add dramatic power to their type.

Some are funny:

Others show a more nuanced approach:”bored-to-death”-animated-type-title-sequence/

And still others become works of art in their own right.

But all of them share a desire to depict connotative meaning beyond denotative meaning. ie that the way the words move changes and affects what they mean.


Useful Links

After Effects Help Guide

Great resource for testing screen fonts

a terrific screen based type resource

great tool for playing with colour ideas

screen type resource 

great examples 


Typography guides

     Type Primer
     Word Spacing
     Small Caps
     Widows and Orphans
     Oldstyle Figures
     Justified Type
     Hyphens and Dashes
     Mac Keyboard layout 
     Proofreader’s Marks